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of, pertaining to, or characteristic of controversy;  polemical: a controversial book.

subject to controversy;  debatable: a controversial decision.

given to controversy;  disputatious.

When we look at the National Papers recently, there always seems to be a story that isn’t so believable. As we’re all aware, these stories normally revolve around the life and lies of ‘celebrity’ lives. This time though, was the front page story that stated Osama Bin Laden had been killed on 1 May 2011. The infamous Osama Bin Laden will go down in history for the hurt and pain that he caused for the thousands, if not millions, of people who were killed during his terrorist attack on New York City on 11 September 2001.

So, these articles told us that during the night of 1 May 2011 the American Army had stormed one of Osama Bin Laden’s ‘properties’. It is said that President Obama watched a live streaming of the operation via a camera that was attached to the helmet of a U.S Navy soldier; all of this from the Whitehouse. It is said that the U.S Navy stormed the property to find Osama, who held one of his wives in front of him as a human shield. His wife and three males, one said to be his son, we killed on the spot.  The next bullet fired at Osama was said to have hit him in his left eye and the next to what is thought to be his chest. This is a tactic named the ‘double-tap’ which is usual used to ensure the hostile is dead.

So far, this sounds pretty believable right? What happens next is the bit that confuses me. After killing Osama it is said that the body was taken to Afghanistan to receive confirmation that it was him. After supposedly receiving this confirmation and DNA samples it is thought that the body was taken to USS Carl Vinson. After this the body was draped in cloth and taken to sea in a helicopter.  In a weighted bag the body was thrown from the helicopter in to the Arabian Sea.

Okay, so after reading up to this point, can you be sure that he is dead or feel any safer? I know I don’t. I have heard recently that the body was thrown in to the sea and not buried for ‘Religious Reasons’. After looking in to this myself, it appears that the ‘religious Reasons’ mentioned are to bury the body as soon as possible (normally within 24 hours). It is usual that the body be buried at sea, if that is where the death occurred.

So why the sea? I honestly couldn’t answer that – maybe it’s that they didn’t find Osama, or maybe they did and they have made a ‘deal’. At this point in time, nobody can answer these questions – apart from those who were there. Below are the possible reasons that I have found.

  • Saudi Arabia would not take the terrorist’s body,
  • Officials did not want Osama’s burial place to become a terrorist shrine (I can agree with this).

Taking the body to sea would mean that there would be no definite burial spot. Meaning that it would not become a popular place for other terrorists who are following in his foot steps.

Personally, I show this controversy because we haven’t been given any official answers. All that we have seen is photographs in the paper of his ‘blood’ in his room. I’m not saying that I would have wanted to watch Osama’s death – as with what we saw at the hanging of Saddam. But we just need more answers.

Until we receive these answers, I don’t think that the world will relax knowing that the age of terrorism is going stronger.

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