Is technology making ‘Cyberstalking’ easier?

Make no mistake: this kind of harassment can be as frightening  

and as real as being followed and watched in your neighborhood or 

in your home.” 

-Vice President Al Gore


I don’t think I’m really going to need to type anything in this post, I’ll just upload a few pictures to back up this statement. It’s becoming easier and easier with recent technological advances to Cyberstalk. As a ‘Family Man’ I take people’s security very seriously. It’s worrying that people can see exactly where you are. I’m sure that this must be even more of a worry for those parents who have children who have internet access.

I‘m sure these pictures explain easier that I could ever say in words. This isn’t a post to make you all worry, but I think it’s something to bear in mind before you select that ‘Add Location’ button.



About AlmightyQuinn

Past: I was born back in 1989, on what must have been the happiest day of my Mum's life (possibly not). I was raised by my Mum and Dad until the age of seven or eight. Then my Mum and Dad got divorced and us children stayed with Mum. Present: I'm not at home any more, I live in a one bedroom flat with my Fiance: the love of my life. I work at the head office of a well known Building Society for 8 Hours a Day - Minimum. Life is tough without money, but we're surviving. Future: And this is where I get stuck. The only plans that I am set on are to grow old with my Wife and Kids. The rest, at this time, is unwritten.

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