Gallery Update

This is just a REALLY quick blog update to say that I have finally started adding some of my art to this page. A lot of the things that you see there will probably be digital work, but I will aim to upload a wide variety of media.

The medias that I find easiest to work with are either drawing or painting. Therefore, I’ll aim to get a lot of work done in this style and update the gallery as often as possible.

Click here to view the gallery now! (or click the Gallery button on the menu!)

More to come!



About AlmightyQuinn

Past: I was born back in 1989, on what must have been the happiest day of my Mum's life (possibly not). I was raised by my Mum and Dad until the age of seven or eight. Then my Mum and Dad got divorced and us children stayed with Mum. Present: I'm not at home any more, I live in a one bedroom flat with my Fiance: the love of my life. I work at the head office of a well known Building Society for 8 Hours a Day - Minimum. Life is tough without money, but we're surviving. Future: And this is where I get stuck. The only plans that I am set on are to grow old with my Wife and Kids. The rest, at this time, is unwritten.

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