18 and Pregnant – and?

Twenty weeks and two days ago I had a telephone call from my younger sister, asking me to go and pick her up from work. I’m used to being the family taxi so nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. The drive back seemed slightly awkward and there wasn’t really much conversation.

And then, she told me her ‘little bit of news’ – she was six weeks pregnant.

Obviously, my first emotion was total shock; she is only 18 after all. But this shock quickly turned to happiness. In simple terms – I am chuffed for her. My main fear is the reaction that she will receive from everybody else, especially now she is showing.

My niece/nephew

What’s so wrong about having a baby at such a young age? My sister is working two jobs to ensure that ends meet, but will stay at my mum’s house for the first year, to help her financially. I do not have a single ounce of worry and can guarantee that she would be the best mum to her child.

I think that, for me, it’s just weird to know that my little sister is having a child. And it is going to be scary for her, her life is going to change massively – but in a good way.

And yes, I am quite jealous..




About AlmightyQuinn

Past: I was born back in 1989, on what must have been the happiest day of my Mum's life (possibly not). I was raised by my Mum and Dad until the age of seven or eight. Then my Mum and Dad got divorced and us children stayed with Mum. Present: I'm not at home any more, I live in a one bedroom flat with my Fiance: the love of my life. I work at the head office of a well known Building Society for 8 Hours a Day - Minimum. Life is tough without money, but we're surviving. Future: And this is where I get stuck. The only plans that I am set on are to grow old with my Wife and Kids. The rest, at this time, is unwritten.

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